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Welcome to the Executive Women's Golf Association's Miami Chapter.

The EWGA exists to provide opportunities for women to learn, play and enjoy the game of golf for business and for life.

Since 1991, the EWGA has touched the lives of over 85,000 women.  This not-for-profit membership association currently has nearly 20,000 members in over 120 Chapters throughout the United States along with International Chapters in Canada and Italy.  EWGA offers a wide range of organized golf activities, player development and education programs, volunteer, social and networking opportunities for both novice and experienced golfers.

For more information, please contact our Member Recruitment Director, Cheryl Porter.

2016/17  EWGA Miami Chapter Board of Directors:
President - Carolyn Caplan
Member Recruitment Director - Cheryl Porter
Member Services Director - Dee Dee Fischer
Events & Activities Director - Jackie Cox
Finance & Records Director - Patricia Vegnani
Communications Director - Carolyn Caplan
Marketing Director - Isis Trisobares

2016-2017 Key Volunteer Positions:
Handicap Chair: - Jacqueline Cox
Chapter Championship Director - Pat Morrissey-Havlin

We are always looking for volunteers to help with EWGA golf events, social events and golf clinics.  If you have any interest, please contact Carolyn Caplan.

Upcoming Events

Gulfstream 4-2-17

Ft. Lauderdale members joined the Miami Chapter at the Gulfstream Race Track for a day a the races.  33 members and guests enjoyed a fabulous buffet, track side seating and our own named race and which we watched from the winner's circle.  And some serious betting went on as well!

To view more photos of our event, click here.

2016 Annual Holiday Event

The Annual Holiday Event at Shula's golf course on December 17 featured a fun team low net game with a "twist".  Questions were posed at each hole and the player with the winning answer (ex: who has played golf the longest?) was the net score used.  Lunch followed at Shula's Steakhouse 2.  The merriment continued with a "Holiday Scramble" word game, numerous terrific raffle prizes and Cindy Ackerman won $60 and Dean Carlson won $40 in the 50/50 in the split drawing.  Lynn Carlson won both closest to pin and closest to line.  Birdie pins were awarded for birdies scored in 2016 EWGA play.  Jennifer West led the count with 5, Maggie Tawill with 4, Fina Ratto with 3, Satoko Umeda and Mimi Olveira with 2 and Jackie Cox, Jill Rochfort, Jan Smith and Deborah Bruno all had 1.

Two teams tied with net 70.  Playoff was determined by most difficult rated hole.  Winners were team Cindy Ackerman, Pat Atkinson, Maggie Tawil and Deborah Bruno

Thanks to all participants for contributing toy to the "Toys for Tots" donation.

To view additional Holiday Event photos, click here

Member News

LPGA Girls Golf Program Supported by EWGA Miami Chapter
Jackie Cox 
and and Jennifer West are volunteers for the LPGA Girls Golf Program of Miami.  This program, run by Stephanie Peareth (LPGA golf professional) at Miami International Links/Melreese Country Club is designed to empower girls with confidence while teaching them valuable life skills as well as great golf skills.  Jennifer (left in green top) and Jackie (in red hat) presented Stephanie  with $250 check from EWGA Miami Chapter!  If anyone would like to volunteer, contact Jackie Cox at jacqueline_cox3491@aol.com

Rally for the Cure 2016
EWGA Miami was well represented at the Pink Lady Rally for the Cure event at Trump National Doral. Team of Lynn Carlson, Jennifer West, Satoko Umeda andCarolyn Caplan won 2nd place low net with their 52 score. Deb Bruno, playing with Roberto & Coqui Mercade and Jill Hertzberg captured 3rd low gross with score of 75. And Satoko Umeda won closest to the pin on #11. Jackie Cox was also in attendance helping out until she is able to get back on the course following back surgery.

Member Patt Morissey-Havlin Meets David Feherty
Miami member Pat Morrissey-Havlin sent this wonderful photo with David Feherty.  She heard him speak in Clearwater, Fl and said "Laughed so much I was crying continually. The man did 2 uninterrupted hours of “stand up” and then did another half-hour of Q&A."  Lucky Pat!

Miami Chapter Hosts 2015 South and Central Florida Semi-Finals
The Miami EWGA Chapter hosted the 2015 South and Central Florida EWGA Championship Semi-Finals June 19 & 20 at the Diplomat Golf and Tennis Club in Hallandale Beach.  Many, many thanks to Jan Smith for serving as the Chief Volunteer Coordinator.  Thanks to Jackie Cox, Carolyn Caplan and Jennifer West for assisting Jan.  Our fantastic volunteers were: Lynn Carlson, Carole Bible, Bunny Rubino (from the Ft. Lauderdale Chapter), Pat Romilly, Godwin Phillips, Betsy Powers, Satoko Umeda, Isis Trasobares, Judy Roche, Wendy Brewster-MarounJennie Taylor (from the Naples Chapter), Jeanne Mullenhoff, Kerstin Koenig(from the Naples Chapter), and Rita Albertine (from the Ft. Lauderdale Chapter).  Besides hosting a welcome reception with great food and drink at the Diplomat, the volunteers served many roles to make the event run smoothly.  We are so proud of our Miami Chapter!

If you score a birdie at any EWGA event or EWGA Miami chapter outing, including league play, please email your information to Carolyn Caplan. Include the EWGA outing, course and hole, and we'll update the virtual tree on our website. The person with the most birdie's at the end of the year will receive a special prize at our Annual Holiday Event. See who's "hanging on the birdie tree" for 2017.



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Hot News From EWGA HQ

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EWGA Miami League Play

EWGA Saturday League 2016/17

Shula's Golf Club

Date  Start Times                            
4/15/07           9:30                                        
4/22/17           9:30                                                                   
5/08/17           Rain Date 8 am Shotgun

League Play Weekly Winners
11/12 - The format was points.  Jennifer West won with 41 points
11/19 - The format was T's & F's.  Lynn Carlson won with low net of 32.   
11/26 - Format was ONES.  Cindy Ackerman won with a low net of 38. 
12/3 - Format was low net.  Satoko Umeda winner with a low net of 94. 
1/7/17 - Format was points. Deborah Bruno won with 37 points.
1/14/17 - Format was T's and F's.  Jennifer West won with a low net of 30.
1/21/17 - Format was odd/even.  Lynn Carlson won with low net of 41.
1/28/17 - Format was Blind Draw.  Jennifer West won with a net 30.
2/4/17 - Format was ONES.  Jan Smith won with a low net of 29.
2/11/17- Format was Nassau.  Pat Atkinson had low net of 31 on front 9 and low net of 71 overall.  Carolyn Caplan had low net of 35 on back.
2/18/17 - Format was points.  Lynn Carlson won with 41 points.
3/4/17 - Format was T's and F's.  Pat Atkinson & Jackie Cox tied with low nets of 37

3/11 - Format was ONES. Lynn Carlson won with a net 33 3/25/17 - Format was points.  Jan Smith won with 44 pts
4/1/17 - Format was putts.  Lynn Carlson won with 35 putts.

Champions Cup

Miami - Ft. Lauderdale dual member Cindy Ackerman's Ft. Lauderdale team "Fireballs" placed 3rd in the 2016 Champions Cup!

The three top teams all had 8 and 1/2 points and the tie breaker was quality of holes won.  In addition, Miami Cleveland member
Carolyn Caplan's Cleveland team "Hot in Cleveland" place 8th with 7 and 1/2 points.  The event was held at the Westin Resort in Rancho Mirage, CA on November 11 and 12.   The Pete Dye and Gary Player courses were beautiful with mountain backdrops and perfect sunny and warm weather.  400 EWGA participants were in the competition consisting of 50 teams.  In addition to the match play, Golfzon created an indoor virtual golf competition for the teams and a special guest appearance by Shirley Spork, one of the founding women of the LPGA, added to this very special event.  For additional photos click here.

EWGA Championship Finals


CONGRATULATIONS to Miami EWGA member Deb Ladig on her 1st place Low Net First Flight win at the EWGA Championship Finals at the Lansdowne Golf Course in Leesburg, Va on October 15, 2016.  This was Deb's second win in a row - last year as a Second Flight competitor and this year in the First Flight.  Her win in 2015 allowed her automatic entry this year and Deb will automatically be eligible to participate in the 2017 Finals.  Miami member Cheryl Porter won 1st place Low Gross First Flight  at the Semi Finals at the Westchase Golf Club in Tampa, Fl. on June 11, 2016 but was unable to participate in the Finals.  The Robert Trent Jones course was challenging in addition to morning fog and there were long delays and rounds.  What a great accomplishment for Deb!  To see photos of the participants and course click here.

2016 EWGA Semi-Finals

Congratulations to all Miami chapter participants at the Westchase Golf Club in Tampa, Fl. on June 11, 2016.  Despite the very soggy course conditions, Cheryl Porter won 1st Place Low Gross in the 1st Flight in a playoff with a score of 76 and will advance to the Finals at the Landsdowne Resort October 14 & 15 in Leesburg, Va.  Way to go Cheryl!

2016 Chapter Championship

Chapter Championship results from 4/30/16 as follows:  
1st Flight:
Cheryl Porter - 1LG
Marie Staebell  - 1LN
2nd Flight:
Jennifer West - 1LG
3rd Flight:
Deborah Bruno - 1LG
Satoko Umeda - 1LN
Lynn Carlson - 2LG
Deedee Fischer - 2LN
Jan Smith - 3LG
4th Flight:
Carolyn Caplan - 1LG

First LG and LN winners will advance to the Semi-Finals at the Westchase GC in Tampa, Fl on June 11.  Congratulations all.

 We also said our goodbyes to member Jeanne Mullenhoff who has retired and is moving to Virginia.  Best of luck in your new adventure, Jeanne!

To view photos, click here.

Education Corner

NEW USGA Ruling Eliminates Penalty for Accidental Ball Movement

Origins of the term "Hit the Ball Alice"
The derogatory "Alice" statement has been part of golf for decades. But who is Alice? And what did she do to get immortalized in a golf insult that frequently follows a putt left short?  Contrary to one frequently offered explanation, this "Alice" has nothing to do with the Jackie Gleason sitcom The Honeymooners. Gleason was a golf fanatic, and his character on the show, Ralph Kramden, played golf, too. Ralph's wife was named Alice. It’s a good guess, but the phrase does not refer to Alice Kramden.  It turns out that "Alice" isn't a she at all. "Alice" is a he, and it's not "Alice," it's "Alliss." As in Peter Alliss.  Peter Alliss is the famous English golf broadcaster, the voice of golf on the BBC for decades. But before he became internationally famous as a broadcaster, Alliss was famous in Britain and Europe as a touring pro. And a pretty good one, too: Alliss won 21 times on the precursor to the European Tour and played on eight Ryder Cup teams.  At the 1963 Ryder Cup in Atlanta, Alliss played Arnold Palmer and Tony Lema in back-to-back singles matches and won 1.5 points, halving with Lema and beating Palmer.  At some point during his match against Palmer, Alliss - for whom putting was not a strength - badly missed a 3-foot putt.

Golf for Her Online Magazine
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Pace of Play  
Being a short hitter isn’t the cause of slow play, being inaccurate however does add time to the round. What you do – or fail to do – between shots sets the pace of play, not the number of strokes you take.  Following the guidelines below will keep things moving along smoothly, earning you the approval of the marshal and the gratitude of the group behind you. 

Things you can do to keep up the pace of play:
• Before starting the round, load up your pockets with tees, divot repair tool, ball markers and an extra ball.
• Play “ready golf”: whoever is ready to hit, goes ahead – especially shorter hitters who can’t reach the group ahead.
• Develop a concise pre-shot routine and limit the number of practice swings you take.
• If you think your ball may be lost or out of bounds, hit a provisional ball, so you don’t have to go back.
• Limit the time you search for a lost ball.
• When riding a cart, drop off your partner at her ball and proceed to yours. If you’re the one riding along, take several clubs with you and start walking down the fairway after you’ve hit instead of waiting to be picked up.
• If you’re playing into the green, take your putter with you as well so you don’t have to go back to the cart.
• Leave your bag or cart on the side of the green that is towards the next tee.
Study your putting line while others are putting and hole out instead of marking your ball.
• The first one to put out, picks up the flagstick and replaces it when everyone is done.
• Don’t linger on the green to mark your score card. Proceed to the next tee and mark cards there.

And the best way to keep up the pace of play? Always, ALWAYS keep up with the group ahead of you!